Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Difference Between Local Independent and Big Box Satellite Companies

Satellite TV cuts out in bad weather, right?

Not if installed properly. "Satellite dishes installed firmly to your roof, chimney, or wall and anchored with support rarely have signal issues." says SatHookup Man , spokesperson for the the SatHookup Network, a group of local, independent satellite tv installers with over 600 service locations in the US.

That sounds pretty easy - but why do we hear all these horror stories of bad Dish Network and Directv installs? The main determining factor in a good satellite install that will stand the test of time is who actually installed it.

Local, Independent Satellite Installation:

Big Box, Discount Installation:

As you can see, the first satellite dish is installed properly and does not move at all in the wind while the second dish, installed by the actual service provider (Dish Network) wobbles at the slightest breeze.

How can this be? Big businesses need big numbers to survive - with insurance, management, employee theft, corporate jets - leaving little money to pay the installers. The local satellite installation company is small and agile, many times a sole proprietorship. All the money goes to your neighbor and their family, and, in time, directly back into your community.

There is more incentive for the local guy to provide excellent service compared to the wage slave for the big company when you're install 1 of 4 for that day.

Order Satellite Installation or Repair from a Local Installer:


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