Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free HD Satellite TV Service - Dish Network and Directv Offers

Competition is heating up in the satellite world. Cable companies like Time Warner have been offering a limited hd service for over a year now. As of June 3rd, Dish Network "flipped the switch" on free HD service for life. Directv was quick to respond with a similar offer 2 days later.

Dish Network Free HD : Free HD programming for life with credit card auto pay/paperless billing. Pay a 1 time $99 fee for free hi definition with out auto pay.

Directv Free HD: Free HD Programming with credit card auto pay. New customers can get paper statements but must get credit card auto pay.

Old hi definition programming cost $10/mo. for both Dish Network and Direct TV. You can now get free hi definition service by trading off increased cash flow for the satellite tv providers.

Order service at or find more info on these special offers.