Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Difference Between Local Independent and Big Box Satellite Companies

Satellite TV cuts out in bad weather, right?

Not if installed properly. "Satellite dishes installed firmly to your roof, chimney, or wall and anchored with support rarely have signal issues." says SatHookup Man , spokesperson for the the SatHookup Network, a group of local, independent satellite tv installers with over 600 service locations in the US.

That sounds pretty easy - but why do we hear all these horror stories of bad Dish Network and Directv installs? The main determining factor in a good satellite install that will stand the test of time is who actually installed it.

Local, Independent Satellite Installation:

Big Box, Discount Installation:

As you can see, the first satellite dish is installed properly and does not move at all in the wind while the second dish, installed by the actual service provider (Dish Network) wobbles at the slightest breeze.

How can this be? Big businesses need big numbers to survive - with insurance, management, employee theft, corporate jets - leaving little money to pay the installers. The local satellite installation company is small and agile, many times a sole proprietorship. All the money goes to your neighbor and their family, and, in time, directly back into your community.

There is more incentive for the local guy to provide excellent service compared to the wage slave for the big company when you're install 1 of 4 for that day.

Order Satellite Installation or Repair from a Local Installer:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

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SatHookup is an extensive network of local satellite tv (Dish Network, Directv, FTA), satellite Internet, home theater installers and local providers across the 48 continental United States. We sell TV, Internet and Phone services to homes and businesses across America

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Satellite Installer Jobs & Home Theater Work

SatHookup pushes the economy forward by offering opportunities for independent installer and sales representatives all across the US when they work with us.

SatHookup is a network of local small and medium business that provide TV, Internet and Phone services for satellite and cable providers. SatHookup Network members can advertise with us to obtain installation and repair jobs, new Dish Network and Directv sales or turn their existing customers into cash by providing services that they already need.

Learn more by visiting our Satellite TV Jobs page.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Houston Texans NFL - Emergency Satellite Repair WIN

Late Saturday afternoon we received a frantic call from NFL's Houston Texans. Their locker room Directv system had been down and 2 other repair companies have already been out and have not been able to fix the problem.

The Texans were playing the Giants the next day at noon and to have a broken Directv TV system was not an option. Luckily, they chose the SatHookup Network for emergency Directv Repair.

Within two hours we were able to send out Gilbert from Cypress Wireless in Houston, TX to the job site with a fully stocked truck ready for work. Turns out, it was a quick fix that took about 20 minutes, but something two other "Pros" were not able to figure out in their previous service calls.

In satellite tv, just like football, there are no excuses. You either walk with a W or an L.

Get a Win by finding a local, independent satellite installer for Texas Satellite TV Installation with SatHookup.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free HD Satellite TV Service - Dish Network and Directv Offers

Competition is heating up in the satellite world. Cable companies like Time Warner have been offering a limited hd service for over a year now. As of June 3rd, Dish Network "flipped the switch" on free HD service for life. Directv was quick to respond with a similar offer 2 days later.

Dish Network Free HD : Free HD programming for life with credit card auto pay/paperless billing. Pay a 1 time $99 fee for free hi definition with out auto pay.

Directv Free HD: Free HD Programming with credit card auto pay. New customers can get paper statements but must get credit card auto pay.

Old hi definition programming cost $10/mo. for both Dish Network and Direct TV. You can now get free hi definition service by trading off increased cash flow for the satellite tv providers.

Order service at or find more info on these special offers.

Monday, May 31, 2010

SatHookup Network - Local Satellite TV/Home Theater Installers/Dealers

So, why is the SatHookup Network so great?

It is the only network of local, independent satellite tv installers and dealers with coverage in every US state, excluding Alaska (we're working on it). Visitors can go to the site and either search by an intuitive map or zip code and distance radius to find the nearest service provider for their need. They can then see that local satellite installers/dealer's contact info to call and hire or get a price quote.

SatHookup Network Service Map

Who Needs the SatHookup Network:
Anyone with a satellite tv, internet or radio system in their commercial or residential location. People looking to get satellite service for their home or business.
Customized installation of satellite and home theater projects.
Satellite TV Dealers and other nationwide companies for fulfillment installation/service calls.

When You Need the SatHookup Network:
When you are trying to save on your tv, internet or phone bill.
When you are upgrading your tv system to hi definition.
You are about to move and need to start new communications services up.
When your house/building is in "pre-wire" in construction or re-model.

Why Choose the SatHookup Network:
The SatHookup Network is made up of over 400 independent installers and installation companies. These are the local businesses in your community - the back bone of America. These guys put the money you give them right back into the same community in which they serve; maybe in your pocket if you are a local business owner.

SHU Network Members are the veterans of the industry, working independently on custom installation through referrals and such. They are local, passing their travel savings on to you, including if you ever need an emergency repair.