Sunday, October 10, 2010

Houston Texans NFL - Emergency Satellite Repair WIN

Late Saturday afternoon we received a frantic call from NFL's Houston Texans. Their locker room Directv system had been down and 2 other repair companies have already been out and have not been able to fix the problem.

The Texans were playing the Giants the next day at noon and to have a broken Directv TV system was not an option. Luckily, they chose the SatHookup Network for emergency Directv Repair.

Within two hours we were able to send out Gilbert from Cypress Wireless in Houston, TX to the job site with a fully stocked truck ready for work. Turns out, it was a quick fix that took about 20 minutes, but something two other "Pros" were not able to figure out in their previous service calls.

In satellite tv, just like football, there are no excuses. You either walk with a W or an L.

Get a Win by finding a local, independent satellite installer for Texas Satellite TV Installation with SatHookup.

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